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News & Event on 2012 seasons.

See Tarif’s paintings in person .

I have always felt that a work of art finds its completion only when it is viewed and critiqued, and appreciated by the public. 

Some of Tarif’s paintings are presently exhibited on the followings galleries on 2012 seasons.

Beirut, Lebanon:

  • Few Paintings were exhibited in a joint exhibition, from the beginning of September (Zamaan Art Gallery)   Alsadat Street, end of Hamra Street, Beirut
  • Selected paintings are permanently exhibited in (LA MIA CASA) Art Space Beirut, Mme Curie Street, close to Bristol hotel.
  • Two Selected paintings were exhibited in (ARTCIRCLE) Visual Arts Space - Beirut 


  • Permanent exhibition of many Tarif’s work are @homegallery Damascus – Jahez garden area, Karami Street.


  • Few Paintings were exhibited in January & February ( ALLAMIEH ) Gallery for Fine Arts). Jeddah,   – Al Hamra District, area

News and events -    2014 season.

T.S  – ABSTRACT ART. GALLERY.    Riyadh –Saudi  

PERSONAL EXHEBITION, 30 paints   - BETWEEN (24-10-2014 - 30-10-2014).

 - Other showings are being planned; check back on the artist web sites , face book or Tweeter.


Do not hesitate to write your comments, or send e-mail concerning any of the shown paintings by identifying the number.

Also feel free to vote and rate the paintings on the gallery page using the stars.

Keep in mind that a key quality stamp needed for the modern art investment is the artist’s signature. All of Tarif’s paintings are signed, and stamped on the back of the paints with a personal stamps to assure the originality of each painting.

information and the specific size of each paintings available upon request.